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Fire and Public Address Systems

Big Red Communications can design and install a total Fire systems with features such as heat and smoke detection, smoke beams, audio and visual warnings, air sampling and wire free systems, automatic door and ventilation operations, flame detectors, intrinsically safe systems, together with remote monitoring and fire brigade signalling systems.

Fire systems

Fire is responsible for millions of dollars of loss and damage within the US and billions worldwide, not to mention the tragic and usually avoidable loss of life which can have devastating effects on families and businesses.

Many properties are required by legislation to install and maintain appropriate fire alarm systems and equipment. In the future even buildings that are not required to have full fire systems, may be required by law to have at least a basic detection system.

Systems can be stand along or networked and integrated with existing or Big Red Communications designed security systems, to combine and simplify monitoring and detection processes.

Public Address Systems

As part of an integrated security and building management system Big Red Communications can also install high quality public address and Public Address Voice Alarm systems.


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