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Network Cameras and Network IP Surveillance Systems

Network cameras can do away with the need for an independent system of cables that traditional (analogue) CCTV camera systems require. In addition they allow storage of recordings on standard PC or Server hardware, or dedicated storage equipment known as a Network Video Recorder, each of which is capable of storing vast quantities of data.

Network cameras

Network cameras (or Network IP Cameras as they are also known) are a revolutionary concept for security systems and a whole variety of other applications. Network cameras, as the name suggests, are run via existing computer networks, such as LANs, WANs and even over secure systems on the Internet using a series of IP numbers in a similar way computers in a computer network might do.

Security over the Internet

IP Surveillance systems allow the possibility of viewing real-time camera images securely over the internet, meaning that even small companies can devise their own property surveillance from anywhere in the world.

Network IP Cameras can also be wireless, allowing for a whole host of applications where wiring up a camera directly is simply not an option or has previously been prohibitively expensive.

To find out some of the many ways that Network IP cameras and IP Surveillance systems can benefit your business contact us now.

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