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Business Surveillance

Effective systems that do not cost the earth and can even save you money

When running a small business, every decision can be a business critical. Whether to install a security at your premises is just one such decision. Why invest in a security system? Misconception: a security system is an expense which does contribute to the bottom line. The reality is a security system can be the difference between success and failure for your business.

The theft of computer software, databases and hardware, stock or machinery can devastate a business, even with insurance. The lost time and money whilst the equipment or stock is replaced, the increase in insurance premiums or the loss of critical data on computer can be the difference between survival and disaster.

Systems tailored to your specific needs

Big Red Communications can install a system that meets your own specific needs, whilst minimizing your outlay. By giving you a range of options including Networked IP Cameras, which can work on your existing computer network or wireless intruder systems that remove the cost of fitting cabling throughout a building. Remote monitoring of your alarm system through a service such as BT Redcare or even personally viewing networked cameras over the internet can add both to security and your peace of mind.


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