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Convention Surveillance

Venue and Event Management

Safety at venues, in particular stadiums and large scale venues, is a business critical consideration. After a series of tragic events at major sporting stadiums in the eighties and nineties, constant re-evaluation of best practice regarding safety and security measures at stadiums and venues in the US has been undertaken.

CCTV Crowd Monitoring Systems
One of the most significant and arguably most effective development in stadium and venue security has been the use of CCTV systems for monitoring crowds both to monitor potential safety issues and to help tackle another blight to football in particular, Hooliganism.

Large Volume Access Control
Aside from effective and efficient crowd surveillance, electronic Access controls systems are becoming increasingly prevalent in venues.

Small Venue Systems
In smaller venues, such as nightclubs and concert venues CCTV systems can also be of great value for monitoring the safety of patrons, providing evidence in case of incidents and deterring anti-social and license threatening behavior such as drug dealing. This is of value both in support of authorities such as the police follow up problems, but also for owners in demonstrating in an incident that their approach and procedures were appropriate.





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