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Government Surveillance

CCTV and public area surveillance

For example local councils and the Government over the last two decades have recognized a growing value in the use of camera surveillance in town centers and other public areas as a means of reducing crime and eliminating anti-social behavior. The footage from such systems has been used on countless occasions to assist in both large and small scale criminal investigations.

Since the first systems were installed, camera technology has moved on a long way, with all parts of a camera system now available in a digital format.

The Benefits of Digital Surveillance

The benefits can be enormous, for example with Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Digital Time-lapse recorders, it is possible to do away with cumbersome, low quality video tapes and instead record straight to a DVRs inbuilt hard drive or external storage.

When combined with digital cameras the results are high resolution video stored cheaply. Access and analysis become immeasurably easier and significantly less time consuming. This allows evidence to be gathered swiftly and with great accuracy.

Public Area camera systems can also be used for multiple uses including traffic management and event management as well as their traditional crime prevention role. AC Controls can help design systems to incorporate several uses and applications.

We can also advise you on designing and installing systems for the first time, or on upgrading your systems to take full advantage of the latest ultimately cost saving technology.





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