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School Camera Surveillance

Security for Educational Establishments

Like many public buildings, schools and colleges face a variety of risks from unwanted intruders especially vandals and arsonists.

For educational establishments the outcomes can be particularly disastrous, both in terms of initial costs, but more significantly in terms of lost educational opportunity for the children affected.

Crime prevention in schools must always be primarily focused on protecting children from harm. With limited resources it is important In practice for schools to identify and prioritize the key risks.

These can be summarized into four main categories:

  • Intrusions that threaten the safety of children. This is clearly the most potentially serious risk, but fortunately rare.
  • Intrusions or trespass that might disrupt the school’s day-to-day business, including events that threaten staff with violence or abuse.
  • Intrusions during schools hours that threaten to damage or steal the school’s property.
  • Intrusions outside school hours designed to inflict loss or damage. This is a common problem that ranges from minor vandalism to serious arson.

A risk assessment for an educational establishment can identify particular individual and specific threats. Each of these risks will be governed in part by the school’s location, physical design and condition; as well as local crime statistics, the number of entrances, the type and presence of a perimeter fence.

At Big Red Communications we can help you define specific risks to your school or college and help you develop a cost effective strategy to minimize or eliminate them.

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